It is all about the future of the past

The Begining

Millions-year-old Jurassic age fossils going into stone crushers.
350-year- old Terra-cotta temple-town may not be there after a few years.
Thousands of Tribal people dying untimely death because of all pervasive stone dust in Bengal Jharkhand stone-crushing zones.

We stumbled upon the news. They startled us. They set forth our mission — Save Heritage and Environment or SHE.

Save Heritage & Environment or SHE is a non-profit organization dedicated to identification, preservation of heritage and promotion of the same through dissemination of information. So our job is to consolidate human efforts to save the world’s cultural heritage through research, education and advocacy. Ours will be a job at grass-root level as well as at the highest decision-making body to drive home a simple point: relevance of the future from the past. At the same time, we have crusades against environment-degradation. We strongly believe that heritage cannot survive without proper environment.

So with an aim of saving the Heritage and Environment we seek to unify all those like-minded people who can work for the conservation and preservation of the priceless past of our country. And the first step to do that would be to create awareness and a sense of responsibility amongst the public about the Heritage and Environment and its value. With awareness, there will be the concern for taking steps to protect and conserve them. The conservation plans constitute certain necessary measures and actions which firstly include documentation of the unprotected Heritage. Next comes the formulation of conservation policy and regulations which also includes the legal aid for the protection and conservation. The initiative also includes development of expertise in conservation, preservation and restoration.

With the shocking facts of immense destruction of heritage sites and the loss of traditions from all over the country it’s the high time for us to shrug off our indifferent attitude and come forward to save our past. Numberless works of art and culture are lost, stolen and damaged or destroyed due to our lack of awareness. Our past represents our rich legacy and must pass on to our children; otherwise, we will have a future generation who will remain completely unaware of the richness of our awesome heritage. So come up, let’s join our hands for Save Heritage & Environment or SHE, and let’s say "No" to destruction and damage of our priceless legacy.