It is all about the future of the past

The People

Ours is a group of like-minded people with a singular passion for conservation of heritage and environment as we strongly believe there is no future without the past. Across the world, the past draws more interest than the present. Proper conservation of heritage dovetailed with aware participation of locals and effective dissemination of information can be the ultimate elixir for local economy.

To join us you no need to be a historian or an archaeologist, but most importantly should have a passion for saving the glory, the proud heritage of our nation. Do care for our legacy, come together and fight to preserve it. Saving a Heritage involves the awareness of local people and without their active participation the development work cannot advance, therefore, it is very important to make them aware. The preservation of cultural heritage is directly linked with the economy of that place and in turn with the economy of the city. Our basic aim is therefore, to aware the locales of the prospects of the mission and unify them and make them a vital part of our mission.