It is all about the future of the past

The Reason

In spite of the towering high-rises and cutting edge innovations in architecture, major cities still retain their old iconic landmark with their prime areas located in the historic districts. A city or a village needs to preserve its heritage to keep its soul alive. In fact, effective conservation of heritage resources brings about a sense of identity, pride and belonging to residents. We are more interested in forgotten heritage precincts.

The past symbolizes our origin and the magnificence of the ancestors and it is the past which is the backdrop of future. The conservation of Heritage sites helps one understand the evolution of human race and its tradition and culture. The historical remains, buildings, arts and artifacts, structures, various physical survivals and landscapes are much more than just material remains; they bring forth the legacy and represent the backdrop of a nation. The Heritage site is an identity of the communities and culture and thus reveals characteristics of that particular region. The individual styles and building materials of iconic buildings defines the individuality of the community and the place. While local heritage plays a role in the unity of a society the importance of historical heritage for preserving the cultural diversity cannot be denied.

There is no dearth of high-cost solutions to environmental degradation in today’s world. Our focus will be low-cost community based solution to the environment disasters we may face in coming days. And for this reason we must walk hand in hand so that we may proceed towards our goal.